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Partial list of client feedback:
(The names have been changed to protect their privacy. Contact me if you would like to speak with any references directly.)


Storey assisted me in my divorce from the very beginning stage. She was very professional, extremely smart, intelligent, practical and helpful in every way, and always with a smile. Being Swedish, married to a Swede, and having no knowledge of the divorce procedure in the US and feeling totally overwhelmed with the whole process, I really felt being taking care of by Storey from our first meeting. She assisted me in the process of finding and hiring me a lawyer and a financial advisor. Without her I would have been lost. Storey attended my meetings with my lawyer and took notes. These were very valuable to me since I’m Swedish and not 100% proficient in the language, especially not the legal language. She also drafted emails for me to my lawyer. Emails I could never have written myself. Storey loves what she does and is extremely passionate about her work which shows throughout the whole process. I had and have full trust in Storey. Trust is a big issue for me and she delivered that during my 15 months ordeal. I highly and warmly recommend Storey to everyone who needs what I needed at the
most time stressful time in my life.
Thank you for everything you did for me, you made a big difference in my life.

I worked with Storey for over 2 years during both the pre-planning phase and then through the protracted and difficult dissolution process. Her integrity, intellect and experience make her uniquely qualified for her role as a divorce consultant. Storey fills the gaping hole in the divorce process - that of an objective strategist. She is able to parse through the legal complexities of divorce and offer strategic advice that is critical to a successful outcome. She has broad and deep experience that enables her to understand the implications of events both inside and outside the legal process. Storey adds enormous value as a participant on a divorce team and is a tireless, empathetic advocate for her clients.

I was referred to Storey by one of my closest friends who said, you MUST speak with her about your separation/divorce because she has more experience and understanding about how to get through it than anyone in Marin county. Having someone who could give me perspective on what was happening and someone who could provide both me and my spouse with an independent perspective on the best local resources to help us get through everything from counselors, to financial advisors and mediation services, was essential to our moving through this transition as amicably as possible. If you're going through a separation/divorce and want someone to give you some perspective on how to get through it as best you can, call Storey today!

I wish I had met you 1 year ago. You would have saved me $20,000 and 6 months of ‘learning.’ I will refer clients to you because I know how much it would have helped me to better understand my options before I started spending money on actions that had no result.

I worked with Storey in the early stages of my divorce all the way through trial. The lengthy process was excruciating and highly emotional, and Storey played a critical role in helping me to navigate it. Early on she came up with smart and actionable strategy to identify key issues in an effort to avoid litigation. When that failed (due to my ex-spouse’s unwillingness to mediate) the subsequent legal process was daunting. The thoughts and worries would swirl in my head rendering me incapable of thinking clearly, so Storey was an invaluable strategic and compassionate asset at each meeting with my lawyer. She would clarify the issues and assist me with all the documentation and narratives that were necessary for the process. Her accessibility and her clarity, along with her ability to relate with every irrational fear I held, was the key to my ability to move through the process. And, there is no doubt that her efficient and thoughtful approach to each phase saved me a significant amount of money in legal fees.

I was blindsided by the complexity of the divorce and custody process, and if I hadn’t had an ally with me every step of the way, I don’t know how I would have made it through. Storey added tremendous insight, strategic thinking and profound compassion that were immensely helpful to me. Every time I left a shattering hearing or an emotional custody event, I knew Storey would be there to help me understand the bigger picture and prepare for the next step.

Going through a divorce has been the most stressful experience of my life and to have extra emotional support and informed advice is invaluable because a lawyer can’t always be there for you. They don’t have the time and it is too expensive. I call Storey my angel who is always by my side and has helped me get through my divorce with an extremely difficult and abusive man. I know Storey is there for me at all hours of the day and even night if I need her, and if I call with a panic attack, she calms me down every time with her rational support, logic and expertise. Storey also holds me back from making impulsive decisions and helps me to gather and organize my thoughts for my lawyer and accountant that also saved me money in the long run. I have found the legal system to be complicated and frustrating, and most lawyers don’t have the time or interest to “hold our hands” through such an emotional and confusing process. I don’t think people, especially women, get the right kind of support needed while going through the divorce process, even though friends and relatives do their best. The role Storey fills in helping one through a divorce is crucial and I don’t know how anyone has made it through in the past without a divorce consultant like Storey. She has been my anchor and lifesaver. Not only is she level headed, extremely organized, resourceful but also has a magical way of putting everything in perspective. She is a calming force and my angel. Anyone would be blessed to have Storey on the team.


I can't tell you how grateful I am for having been able to talk to you about all of this. You gave me great clarity on the process and gave me strength I didn't know I had.