Lemon Tree Advisors
Lemon Tree Advisors will provide whatever support you require to move through the complicated process of divorce. Some clients just need guidance with one particular issue. Others have asked us to be on the team from the very first attorney interview through the settlement or trial. Clients from out of state call just so they have someone to bounce ideas off of. Our assistance has proven to be both a strategic asset and a cost-savings measure since our role can significantly reduce expensive attorney time.

Lemon Tree Advisors is not venue specific; we provide resources and support for clients in mediation,
the collaborative law setting, and in court.

Below is a partial list of the most frequently requested services:
Pre-divorce planning
Referrals from our “Insider’s” database of lawyers, financial experts, mediators, therapists, etc.
Help with identifying and interviewing attorneys and other professionals required for the case.
Management of hired professionals. It is essential to oversee and manage the attorney and other professionals as you would anybody you hire to do a project for you. Since they bill for time (not performance) it is important to be organized around each task and to use their time and expertise as efficiently as possible.

Don't allow the process of divorce to happen to you. Be an active participant in developing solutions for your family to successfully transition from living together to living apart.

Assistance with:
Documentation required to clearly and comprehensively introduce the case to your attorney. Beginning the process with a global and comprehensive landscape will assist your attorney and financial professionals in identifying an effective strategy from the beginning – and save you money.
Financial organization required for compiling disclosures, financial reports, etc.
Drafting of documents, content for motions, organization and presentation of the information required for attorneys, mediators, forensics and evaluators to be able to do their jobs effectively.
Inventory of personal/household items to be valued for a property award or sale.

Attendance at:
Attorney meetings to provide experience, strategic thinking, and clarity with recall/next steps during what can be a difficult and jargon-filled experience.
Court hearings, case management conferences, trials to provide strategic and emotional support. It is difficult to emerge from these emotionally-charged sessions with a clear understanding of exactly what transpired and what is required to move to the next phase.