Lemon Tree Advisors

  Storey Jones, Founder

   Storey Jones founded Lemon Tree Advisors, a San Francisco Bay Area divorce consultancy, over 10 years ago to assist     

   individuals who face the daunting task of separation and divorce. Lemon Tree Advisors bridges the gap between the legal

   and  emotional process of divorce with practical and tactical day-to-day assistance throughout the complex legal process,    

   alongside the professional teams.

   Prior to her work as a divorce consultant, Storey was the president of a Bay Area brand strategy firm where she worked

   for 13 years and was integral to the vision, growth and success of its role in authoring leading national brand and corporate

     identify projects. Storey has a B.A. from Colgate University.

     The combination of brand strategy, business, and extensive divorce client and professional team experience has contributed her      

     development of an exciting and unprecedented new product for Family Law professionals and their clients; it will be announced and

     launched in early 2017.

     Photo by Renate Lee